Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Life = more than homework

... right?

It's hard to keep a long-term perspective on things when you're bogged down with homework. I just feel like this:
But ya know. Life goes one.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Anticipating the holidays!

Okay, so I promised my roommates I wouldn't put up my Christmas tree until mid-November. But it's going to be hard to keep that promise!!!! It's cold and wintery and I just want it to be Christmas.

On the other hand, it's still pretty exciting seeing all the Halloween and Fall stuff everywhere! We found a jack-o-lantern tablecloth in our closet, and we freaked out. Hooray for being festive! The only real problem is... I don't know what will I be for Halloween! =]

Last night Zach and I went to the Spirit Week rodeo. Sooo fun. We brought apple cider in a thermos, and ate homemade fried burritos on the way there. Delish. We both agreed we were jealous of the riders' skills, especially the five year old in the barrel racing competition. =] It was kind of funny though, they didn't play country music in the background! It was Black Eyed Peas, Jimmy Eat World, etc. lol. College town.

I decided I love kids books a lot. I've been reading a bunch of young adult books from the Jr. High library as part of my internship hours (I know, awesome, right???), and they are so much fun. I was rolling my eyes a lot at first, but... come on. Who can resist slipping back to the hope and innocence of being 13?

Armageddon Summer, by Jane Yolen & Bruce Coville
"Did we do wrong in believing, Marina?" Mom asked suddenly.
"Never in believing, Mom," I said. "Just in what we believed."

Half Moon Investigations, by Eoin Colfer
"All eyes were on me again, and not in a nice Oh, look at that handsome young man in the shiny shoes, I wonder if he's single kind of way. It was more of a nasty If he doesn't come up with the goods in ten seconds, let's lynch him kind of way."

Once Upon a Marigold, by Jean Ferris
"Whose idea is this?" she demanded. "In the first place, I don't care if Christian is royalty; I'd marry him if he were a goatherd. And in the second place, he hasn't asked me. And in the third place, I'll not have him railroaded into something he doesn't want to do. Where's Mother? I'll tell her myself that there's going to be no wedding today."
"But I want one," Christian said, trying to get out from under the pile of dogs. "The only thing I want in all the world is for you to be my wife. We can sort out the rest of the stuff later."
"Oh," Marigold said.
Her sisters grabbed her and dragged her off to get dressed.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Today Enoch picked me up to babysit Emma Leigh. As soon as I walked in the door, the first thing she said to me was, "Where Set [Zach]?" He came later because he was taking a test.

I brought cookies to share with her, one for each of us. She made sure to set aside Zach's cookie on a special plate from her tea set. The whole time it was on the coffee table now, she kept reminding me that it was "For Set." lol.

A few minutes ago we had a little argument. It went like this:
"That's my Zach."
"Nooo, my Set!"
"Um, no. MY Zach."
"NO, MY Set!!!"

Needless to say, he has made a good impression. lol.

We love Emma. Babysitting is our favorite time of the week