Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Baseball Superfans

So, Melaleuca's CEO owns the Minor League field in Idaho Falls, and last night was Melaleuca Night! All of us employees got into the bleacher sections for free! Awesome.

Well, Zach loves baseball, and I love cheering at sporting events (even if I have to be told when to cheer). So I surprised him and made these shirts for us to wear:

I used Zach's T-shirt we had gotten for his softball team at work (which he only needed for a game or two) and I found MY shirt at the Dollar Store. Yes, that's right kids. I'm wearing a child's Large. It probably won't fit when I wash it, but that's okay.

And because the local screen printing shop will do good quality iron-ons for only $4.50 (and I don't have a printer), I spent most of the morning designing our tees..... only to find out when I went to the store that they had closed early for the night. Unacceptable. So I went to Wal-Mart and bought these iron-on letters. I actually like them quite a bit.

Zach admitted that at first the concept of matching fan t-shirts was pretty embarrassing... but he got into it once we were at the game. Somebody teasingly asked me the score, then told him to play ball. We had a blast. And, with superfans like us, of course our team won!!!! Go Chukars. Even if you are just minor league. =]

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The only not-stellar thing about the night was the concession stand. They were doing $1 hot dogs and drinks that night, so the lines were at least 3 innings long! We never got ours, even though I ran down to check the lines twice. We settled for a snow cone, cause there was no line there. =]

Friday, August 20, 2010

We love St. Anthony's Sandbar!

Some of our friends introduced us to the St. Anthony sandbar this past week. It's our newest addiction. It's a nice, cool river with a diving board, roped-off shallow area, floating dock (Zach calls it a barge), playground, tunnel slide, and plenty of sand!

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We went back yesterday after Zach got off work. We packed snacks and ate on the dock. I taught Zach how to make a sand castle Garner-style (dripping the sand into turrets), and wow-ed the people around us. A couple kids copied our technique after a while. =] It was fun to feel like a couple of teenagers on summer break.
Also, I am proud to say that I have gone off the diving board a total of 3 times. I plug my nose every time, but I think it still counts.
If you're in the St. Anthony area, you gotta check it out. It's a turn right off Main St, close to the highway.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Sometimes I do things during the day just so I can have something to show for my time.


On Saturday Zach worked 8-5. After dropping him off, I came home and started cutting out pattern pieces for another sewing project I just started. (I'm making his and her robes for Zach and me!) That took all the way until his lunch break at 11, but I finished! After taking him back to work, I made grabbed a few groceries, ground some wheat, made bread, and did my work out video! I was exhausted, but super proud of myself. I chronicled my efforts with pictures, again, to prove I was productive.

Also... the donut peaches in the picture = TO DIE FOR. The sweetest, yummiest fruit ever. Plus they're easy to eat because of their shape; a few bites around the edge and toss the pit away!

After Zach came home, we did a walk around campus (2.2 miles!) and he worked out a little in the gym while I read As You Like it for my Shakespeare class this coming semester. We came home... and were sooooo sore. In fact, when we woke up this morning for church we both felt like we needing a good oiling, like the tin man. I couldn't stand up straight without hurting. So we slept in and found a later sacrament meeting to go to. Now I'm feeling much better, but I can't say I'm excited about how I'll feel after tomorrow's Sweat and Ab Ripper workouts... I'll probably get some more peaches to compensate. =]

Also, here's the picture of the dress I made for Robb and Karen's wedding! (I discovered Simplicity's "New Look" brand of patterns. $3.44 each!)