Saturday, February 12, 2011


Super Bowl Sunday
I saw these inflatable dinosaurs at the Dollar Store, and we decided our un-superbowl party (We're not much into football) should be dinosaur themed.

Tragically, we forgot the dinosaur chicken nuggets. So I made jello jigglers in my Jello-Bean mold and called them dinosaur eggs. =] We also had bean dip and ice cream and cake with candy bar mix-ins. Yum.

Valentine's Dance

Zach indulged my girly dreams this weekend, and we went to the school Valentines Dance. I told him a while ago that I had never been asked to a single dance in my life, and he's been determined to fix that. It was SOOOo much fun. It was easily the best dance either of us have ever been to. The dress was anywhere from sunday dress to semi-formal, and I had a heck of a time trying to find something to wear. Thankfully, Rexburg pulled through. It was really sweet, Zach took me to about five different stores in IF, where he watched me try on a few, and was extremely helpful. Better than taking a girlfriend, actually. The lady in the stall next to me in the dressing room complimented me on my sweet husband. =] But we came back empty-handed, so I went to a few more stores in Rexburg while he was in class and texted him pictures. It was unanimous, and I bought a [modest] little black dress (my first!).

Also, I really wanted to have fancy hair. It's kind of a must for formal dances. I found a tutorial on YouTube (sorry if that sounds pathetic) on how to do this updo, and it worked!

My good side
The other side
Of course, this is after the dance, so it's kind of coming undone. But I loved it. Note the bling I got to dress up my new little black dress! And since it was Valentines, I got a pink ribbon to put around the waistline. (Zach even helped pick the ribbon!)

The music was great, the people there were super fun, and they had caramel brownies. We got our picture taken, and we should be getting it in a couple weeks. =] Best night ever!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Life Saver

My husband has got to be the world's sweetest anybody.

Today he wrote me a note saying, "You are my Life's Savor." He's adorable.

But also, that's another great idea for a Valentine!Love, Stacy

p.s. We're going to the Valentine's Dance tomorrow. *giddy*

Thursday, February 3, 2011


This is the crazy-yet-cool stuff I've been addicted to lately. =]

You've probably heard of Matisyahu. Well, you gotta love Hassidic Reggae, so enjoy!