Thursday, November 18, 2010


I saw the top picture, and it reminded me of the bottom one.
I guess not all of us evolved from the apes. =]

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Carved Pumpkin...Pie

So Zach and I worked most of Halloween weekend, so we made our pumpkin pie jack-o....face.... on Tuesday.

I told you it would be epic! I know his face isn't quite centered. But I was so excited to cut into him that I just dove in without really planning or spacing it out. =]

This is pumpkin carving at its finest: you can eat the guts with whipped cream!

Also, I don't think I ever posted this picture, did I? It's from earlier this month:

Brownies for the neighbors. She's my visiting teacher, and she was having a hard time. Also, I wanted to do a homemade Halloween food-pick. =]

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November is National Novel Writing Month!!!!

Goal: 50,000 words by November 31st.
Stipulations: No editing! The month of December is set aside for proofing, editing, etc. The novel must be started and finished all in November, no finishing of old drafts.

Prize: If you make the 50,000 words in Nov, you win. If you can finish editing in December, they'll print one free copy of your novel.

ANYONE can do it, ages 13+. Here's my page, or check out my widget on the right to see how far I've gotten (not very).

Give it a shot!!!