Thursday, November 20, 2008

Сколько стоит моя жизнь?

Alrighty, folks!!!

Well. I'm hoping you've had a fun, laughter-filled week. Mine was... quite hilarious. Of course, I do tend to laugh a lot for no reason anyone else can discover. But seriously, life is just so funny!

So, update on life: I've turned in two new short stories to my creative writing class workshops, and received a lot of good feedback (If you care to give some of your own, check out my writer's workbench). Aside from writing, I've spent quite a bit of time studying my Russian homework. I was quite proud of myself, because I finished ALL of Wednesday's assignments by 2 hours after class. I have been getting A's on my tests/quizzes! And, thanks to my pro editor Gary, I got a 98 on my 2nd draft of my Russian essay!

I also got to go on a fun date to see the university orchestra! Beautiful music. Not exactly top performers, but it was still really enjoyable. We went to JB's for ice cream afterwards with his family- SO much fun! I think I would love to be friends with his mom even if I didn't know him at all. =] And then we read Vinni Puh, which was surprisingly difficult.

We've got some really good letters from my brother Todd, who just left the MTC for Portland, Oregon on Tuesday. He's soooo inspiring! Every letter seems like a talk. It's really good to hear from him, see how happy he seems, and how excited he is to be out there. Слава Богу за маленьких малчиков! I'm definitely learning a lot from him already.

Well, this Sunday I am going home!! Hooray for "examination days," whatever those are, because they mean we have the entire week off of school! And three huge cheers for baking with my mama in just a few days!!!

Happy holidays, folks!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Days are Here Again

This week's challenge:

Your mission, should you choose to accept it (and you better), is to make as many people laugh as possible! Report back here with a comment on how well you've done.

Tips: (AKA the way I do it)
<> Make goofy faces at someone until they look at you.
<> Poke fun at yourself (good naturedly)
<> Leave cheesy knock-knock jokes at a library computer
<> Do a nerdy dance for one of your friends
<> Watch a Danny Kaye movie (I suggest The Court Jester) and quote it all day long
<> Tell a good friend something embarrassing you did that day. It may take a while to list them all.
<> Learn Russian. Everything is funnier in that language. ("Я хочу..." Bless you!)
<> Be excessively witty.
<> Make a homemade kite for someone else then say, "Wait, let me go grab my key..."
<> Make funny comments on Facebook/blogs etc. with the goal of making someone chuckle
<> Babysit little kids. They've got tons of joke material!
<> Find happiness in your life through prayer, family, & friends.

Good luck!

EDIT: Today's Friedrich Nietzsche quote-- "Talking much about oneself can also be a means to conceal oneself." Hmmmm. I like it!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Believing in Magic

Hello you happy people!

Okay, so maybe not all of you are happy, after seeing the election results. I didn't vote for Obama, but actually I'm feeling pretty okay with everything. Neither of the candidates were a great choice to begin with. And I really respect Obama as a person. But seriously-- what's the worst that can happen with the democrats in charge? Answer: The world will end, and the Second Coming is that much closer!!! ha ha. Totally kidding, folks.

No, but seriously. There are plenty of reasons to be happy.

1. It's snowing!
2. My Christmas tree is definitely up and decorated!
3. Today's devotional was amazing!
4. I finally have somewhat of an idea of what my creative writing teacher expects from me
5. I can forget all of his advice once the semester is over
6. I just have a little Russian homework tonight
7. A random friend of my roommate's just got engaged!
8. Today I got a really sweet letter from Todd in the MTC!
9. The roommates and I made an emergency trip to Coldstone
10. We think we might finally understand why we've all had this crazy sleeping sickness and random chronic headaches. Turns out our water heater is gas-powered and it's in an unsealed closet in my bedroom... and it's leaking gas. You just have to laugh at a story like that.

So yes. Those are my [strange] reasons for being happy tonight! Find some of your own. =]

Happy Tuesday, folks.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Okay peoples--

I have to turn in a short story to my creative writing teacher, and I am scared!!! He grades us based on how he thinks we compare with our peers. Last time I didn't realize that, and just brought in a draft to workshop, but he wasn't impressed and wanted me to totally redo it!! I just kind of nodded, but of course I was thinking, "You can't make me!" But then I saw my grade. I have a 76 in the class!!!!!! And I have been putting in a lot of effort! True, most of our midterm grade was determined by a VERY insignificant assignment I happened to miss and think nothing of... But apparently it was worth enough to drag the rest of my high scores to a C.

Soooo, I need to bring up my grade. And quickly. Which is why I am asking for help!!! Please check out my latest story on my writing blog (caseystarma.blogspot) and tell me what to improve, and what doesn't work for you. I would reeeeally appreciate it.