Monday, September 12, 2011

Feeling Crafty!

SO, we were in Idaho Falls one day and decided to stop at D.I to see if they had any good furniture for the baby's room. (We didn't have ANYthing to put his clothes in except the closet that has no door.)

Lo and behold, they did have a little dresser for $15, hooray!

But the most exciting find, I think, was a glider! There was a stool that could go with it, but the two weren't part of a set. We got them both for about $20! No squeaking when it rocks, and I can put my feet up!

The wood was in great shape, but since the fabric was *cough*hideous*cough* and looked pretty used/dirty, I recovered the cushions! (You can't tell, but the chair was this pale once-pink plaid mixed with blue...ugh)

Here is the transformation:

(Forgive the shoddy camera work, these are from my phone.)

I found an entire bolt of that blue fabric at WalMart in their bargain stack for $5. Nice. I made the covers removable with velcro closures, so I can take them off and wash them. The most impressive part? I did it in an afternoon while Zach was at work, so he was wowed when he came home. =]

I LOVE rocking in this thing. It's going in the baby's room as soon as the storage junk is cleared out! (No space in our little living room for it, sadly)