Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valentines approaching!

I've been looking around online because I'm super stoked for Valentine's Day. I found a few cuties, and thought I'd share! (Click on the pictures to go to the site, a few of them have templates!)

Cell Phone valentines!

Snazzy Mailbox
Valentine Mailbox
Definitely want to be a bit more creative here, but I'm so making one.

Forget-me-not Elephants
Forget-Me-Not Elephant
(Candy is taped inside, and their ears are hearts with love notes written on them!)

And my personal fave....

Only change the words to say, "I'm e-kernel-y yours!" Totally doing that for Zach. =] My dad's popcorn recipe is one of his favorite things he gained from joining my family. =]

ALSO for Valentines Day, I am working on a small, quilted wall-hanging. It's on pause for now (school), but it won't take much longer! I found an adorable pattern from this awesome blog. I'm going to use her tutorial for a full-size polka dot quilt this summer, but in the meantime I've satisfying myself with this smaller project:

Sorry for the bad picture. I can't find my camera, so this is from my phone. =] It's gonna be 4 square blocks, probably. XOXO. I'm considering applique-ing hearts to the centers of the O's using the background fabric, so they look hollow... what do you think?

Hooray! Gear up for Love Day!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ezra Pound and Me

I was looking up one of my very favorite poems, "In a Station of the Metro" by Ezra Pound:

"The apparition of these faces in the crowd:
Petals, on a wet, black bough."

Then I found an incredible essay written by the poet himself! It explains so well the way I see the world! (See my last post for proof.)

Here are some of my favorite excerpts:

"Since the beginning of bad writing, writers have used images as ornaments. The point of Imagism is that it does not use images as ornaments. The image is itself the speech. The image is the word beyond formulated language."

"[Quoting a Japanese hokku:]
'The fallen blossom flies back to its branch:
A butterfly.' "
"The 'one image poem' is a form of super-position, that is to say, it is one idea set on top of another... In a poem of this sort one is trying to record the precise instant when a thing outward and objective transforms itself, or darts into a thing inward and subjective."