Friday, April 8, 2011

2nd Trimester!

I'm 1/3 of the way done! Other than the occasional tummy ache, I have been feeling pretty good. Most of my nausea is leaving even though my nose is still pretty sensitive (Meaning I can tell Zach ate BBQ sauce for lunch, but I can hug him anyway without losing my own lunch).

I can feel my tummy getting firmer as it gets a little bigger, which is comforting, cause I know now it's more than just flab. This morning I leaned down into the washer to change the laundry, I'm pretty sure I felt the bubble where the baby is! Speaking of baby:
Zach and I got out a ruler today to see just how big 3.5 inches actually is. Pretty big! It's no wonder I'm starting to show! It's so fun now that it really feels like there's something there. I like talking about the baby and me collectively. I'll tell Zach, "Baby and I are going to take a nap" or "Baby says you should come hug us."

We are BEYOND excited for our next appointment in May, because we'll get to find out the baby's gender! We're taking votes, by the way, if anybody wants to guess. =]

Love you all!
Stacy & Baby

EDIT: There's a poll at the top of the blog now! Cast your vote for Baby Emmons, let's see how many guess it right! (Izzy, I added yours in for you :D )