Saturday, June 20, 2009

Napping with the Ducks

Nature Park is probably my favorite place in Rexburg! Friday was absolutely BEAUTIFUL, so Bethany, Sam, and I went on a walk! We saw 9 little baby ducks!!! Sooo cute.

I saw these guys all settled down and napping. Sam and I decided to be kids again and see how close we could get to them.

Remembering my lifelong dream of recreating that scene from Beauty and the Beast, I tried to get them to eat Cheez-Its out of my hand. It didn't work, but look how close they came!

When we ran out of Cheez-Its the ducks ignored us and went back to their naps. The ground was amazingly comfy and warm.

Bethany found this teeny tiny grasshopper! Look how small, compared to my finger!

Sam and I went different directions, found awesome flowers, and reported back. I thought for sure I'd win the prettiest-flower award... except we found the same ones!

After watching the old WWII planes practice for Saturday's airshow, we walked home. Oh yeah, we made a slight detour to Park St. because Bethany and Sam wanted to show me "Park Saint Park," lol....

Once we got home we borrowed Swan Princess and Beauty & the Beast, made cheesecake, and had a blast!

Best weekend ever, and Saturday is just starting!


One Happy Family said...

I'm glad that ducks didn't bite off your Cheez-it-y finger. And I'm glad you guys have WAY too much fun.

Belle said...

that sounds SOOOO fun! I'm glad you had such a great weekend!