Thursday, August 6, 2009

No place like home

I'm right there with you, Dorothy. But there's also no place like Rexburg. I really miss my friends, the way of life, my friends, my new bike, my friends, everything within walking distances, my friends.... did I mention my friends? Shout out to all of them, who are moving onto bigger and more exciting things.

Someone asked me today what I'm doing with all my time now that I'm home. I had to think pretty hard before figuring it out. lol. Most of the time the day is over before I realize that I haven't done anything. Pretty much, I've just been acting like a kid on summer break. Filling my days with a whole lot of relaxing nothingness.

  1. Playing with my nieces/nephews/sisters
  2. Running errands and hanging out with my mom
  3. Goofing off with Steph (see picture above)
  4. Earning frequent flyer miles with Redbox. (Do you think they do that???)
  5. Doing odd jobs for my grandma
  6. Reading books (Just finished the 4th Fablehaven and the sequel to The Mysterious Benedict Society. I love young adult fiction!)
  7. Jogging in the mornings with my friend Corinne from Institute. It's only the second day, and I'm sore.
  8. I got to meet two Ukrainian kids! They came with a foster children's group a week ago and are staying with a family in my ward. They called my dad and asked him to help translate, so I went with him. It was pretty exciting, but Alyona was really hard to understand.
Even though I have been productive in some ways, I know I need to earn money for next semester. Luckily, I found an opportunity! My aunt (who lives about three hours away) is having her baby next week and needs someone to drive her around, so my Grandma hired me. I'm leaving for Snowflake in a few hours to hang with her and my four cousins for a week. We'll also try and crank out the birth announcement.

Wish me luck!

P.S. The Critical Language Scholarship (that sends students to RUSSIA to learn RUSSIAN for FREE) is opening up applications for next summer's program soon!! Eeeeep! Since I'm already planning on going, I can't wait to apply. lol.


One Happy Family said...

First- that picture is priceless. priceless! Oh, how I miss you guys. A LOT!!!

Second- LOVE the new blog layout. Uber cute. Uber.

Third- awww...Peggy's having her baby. How exciting!!!

Fourth- Come back to Rexburg. Soon.

Steph-Anie said...

I would just like to point out that Stacy told me to make, and I quote, "an extremely narffy face". I do not just look like that. :)

Kristen said...

We know you don't look like that Stephanie! Way to go on the running, Stace...I'm impressed!

Sam said...

Stacy! I miss you too! But it looks like you are keeping busy goofing off! I love the pic of you and Steph...Tres You. Hang in there, I know you'll make amazing new friends next semester! How can anyone not like you? It's impossible.

Sam said...

And I love that you told Steph to make a Narffy face! Love love love!

Stacy Garner said...

Hey now, Steph, I never said "extremely." You threw that little spin on it yourself. lol. And I would HOPE they know that we're making doofy faces on purpose!! ha ha

Katie S. said...

Sorry I didn't make more conversation texting today! It's hard to keep in close contact when I have limited texts and minutes. Thank goodness for blogs to keep people updated! Missing you Stace!