Thursday, September 10, 2009

What I Learned Today:

Rhetorical means more than "don't answer that."
My only class today was Eng 450, Rhetorical Studies. (Which sounded like a funny name for a class that gives exams, until I thought about what "rhetorical" actually means.) I love my teacher, and the people I sat next to are very friendly and easy to talk to. It sounds like an intense-but-worth-it kind of class. The only real thing that I'm worried about is how time-consuming it will be, and the fact that the teacher wants us to bring our laptops to class. (I have enforced a strict no-folding rule on my cracked laptop. That means if I want to take it to class I'd have to hold it open on my lap while riding my bike. lol. Doesn't that image make you think of a circus?)

Word of the Day: Super
After class, I coasted on down to Main St. to the Jr. High for my internship. I was super excited, and I wasn't disappointed! The atmosphere is super laid-back. I don't have to dress up too much, my supervisor is super nice, and I get to spend all day organizing, labeling, checking-out, and recommending books to super cute kids. Hooray!!!!

Tomorrow's Forecast: Partly sunny with a high of 19 textbooks and a low of 2 class periods


Kristen said...

You are to cute, Stacy! Must be exciting being in the classroom...internship, that is...I'm happy for you!

Belle said...

Yay Stacy! You're so awesome. We miss you, but we're so excited for you to be back in school and starting your internship! Wow, sounds like life will keep you busy for a while! Have fun and enjoy life.