Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valentines approaching!

I've been looking around online because I'm super stoked for Valentine's Day. I found a few cuties, and thought I'd share! (Click on the pictures to go to the site, a few of them have templates!)

Cell Phone valentines!

Snazzy Mailbox
Valentine Mailbox
Definitely want to be a bit more creative here, but I'm so making one.

Forget-me-not Elephants
Forget-Me-Not Elephant
(Candy is taped inside, and their ears are hearts with love notes written on them!)

And my personal fave....

Only change the words to say, "I'm e-kernel-y yours!" Totally doing that for Zach. =] My dad's popcorn recipe is one of his favorite things he gained from joining my family. =]

ALSO for Valentines Day, I am working on a small, quilted wall-hanging. It's on pause for now (school), but it won't take much longer! I found an adorable pattern from this awesome blog. I'm going to use her tutorial for a full-size polka dot quilt this summer, but in the meantime I've satisfying myself with this smaller project:

Sorry for the bad picture. I can't find my camera, so this is from my phone. =] It's gonna be 4 square blocks, probably. XOXO. I'm considering applique-ing hearts to the centers of the O's using the background fabric, so they look hollow... what do you think?

Hooray! Gear up for Love Day!


The Benson Family said...

I love your ideas and inspiration! I need to do some valentines crafts. I have no decorations! You are too cute with all your adventures!

The Vargas Family '09 said...

As always you are so creative! I love all those ideas. Zach is going to be one happy fellow on valentines day!

Belle said...

Stace, these are awesome!!! I love your sewing project! Now I totally want to do a project too.... Maybe once my house in WA gets set up and unpacked I can do an Easter project. :) Miss you and love you tons! LOVE, love the projects!!!!

Katie S. said...

So cute, you're so crafty!

One Happy Family said...

Awww- I adore the sewing project. And guess what? I was going through some of mom's files for Sunbeam visual aid ideas and saw that "Pop, Pop, Pop-ular" template!! But I love the e-kernally yours idea. Ha- love it!