Friday, June 24, 2011

"New" maternity skirt

I found a brilliant woman's blog tutorial on how to change an old too-small skirt into a maternity skirt, and guess what? I made it.


The skirt was originally ankle-length, and had been shoved into a forgotten corner with a broken zipper, waiting for me to remember and fix it. It popped into my mind as soon as I saw the tutorial.

Here's the stretchy panel... the instructions called for an old Tshirt, and this is all I had:
Even though it's a little funky to have the panel all striped and whatnot, it works like a charm. And now that I have the know-how, I've got a feeling I'll be combing DI for some more skirts to transform!

In other news, my little boy has been such a wiggler! It's super cute to feel him poking/prodding/whatever-it-is-he-does-in-there. He's still teasing his daddy by holding super still as soon as Zach puts his hand on my tummy to feel him move. Lol.

I've been feeling really good lately, just easily winded and some back pain. And I'm seriously starting to outgrow the maternity clothes I have. So making the new skirt for free was exciting!

Anyway, happy weekend to everyone!!

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Belle said...

So cool, Stace!!! Man, that's some seriously awesome sewing skills you've got! It looks fabulous on you! No kidding that's exciting! :) Also cute that your little boy is teasing daddy...they like to do that, huh? So fun! :D Love your pic, you're adorable.