Thursday, November 20, 2008

Сколько стоит моя жизнь?

Alrighty, folks!!!

Well. I'm hoping you've had a fun, laughter-filled week. Mine was... quite hilarious. Of course, I do tend to laugh a lot for no reason anyone else can discover. But seriously, life is just so funny!

So, update on life: I've turned in two new short stories to my creative writing class workshops, and received a lot of good feedback (If you care to give some of your own, check out my writer's workbench). Aside from writing, I've spent quite a bit of time studying my Russian homework. I was quite proud of myself, because I finished ALL of Wednesday's assignments by 2 hours after class. I have been getting A's on my tests/quizzes! And, thanks to my pro editor Gary, I got a 98 on my 2nd draft of my Russian essay!

I also got to go on a fun date to see the university orchestra! Beautiful music. Not exactly top performers, but it was still really enjoyable. We went to JB's for ice cream afterwards with his family- SO much fun! I think I would love to be friends with his mom even if I didn't know him at all. =] And then we read Vinni Puh, which was surprisingly difficult.

We've got some really good letters from my brother Todd, who just left the MTC for Portland, Oregon on Tuesday. He's soooo inspiring! Every letter seems like a talk. It's really good to hear from him, see how happy he seems, and how excited he is to be out there. Слава Богу за маленьких малчиков! I'm definitely learning a lot from him already.

Well, this Sunday I am going home!! Hooray for "examination days," whatever those are, because they mean we have the entire week off of school! And three huge cheers for baking with my mama in just a few days!!!

Happy holidays, folks!

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The Olaves said...

so have fun cooking with mama- jealous. but Christmas will be fun when we are ALL together!! and I'll have fun cooking with my sisters-in-law. yay for holidays!!!