Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Confessions of a Married Woman

So Zach and I have been married for a full two weeks now. We're pretty much an old married couple and we know all there is to know about marriage.

Sarcasm aside, it is amazing to go back and see our single friends and see the difference between what was normal then and what our life is like now.We don't feel like anything super extraordinary has changed between us, but we're definitely growing.

(Yes, I color at work. lol.)

Most amazing of all is the fact that $3 seems too expensive, we can work 12 hr days each and feel like we're not working enough, make a meal out of just a few ingredients, eat dinner on our living room floor, go to bed at 12 only to wake up at 6.... and still say with perfect honesty that we have never been so completely happy. Married life really is the best. And we've been so incredibly blessed with families that support and love us, and very generous wedding gift-givers!

On another note, I am excessively proud of my little girl-frog. She is just about the coolest thing ever, and I'm pretty sure I'm her favorite. When I go to her bowl to talk to her, she swims out of her little cave and pretty much begs me to jump in because the water's fine. I spent about 15 minutes trying to get a good picture of her the other day, but turns out water-shots are not my strong suit.

Evangeline talkin' to me.

Evangeline being Spider-Frog.

Swimming out of the cave to check out what's goin' on with the camera flashes.

Pretty much, life is good. And it just keeps getting gooder. =] Also, I'm making a header for my blog soon. Don't judge me. lol.


One Happy Family said...

YAY for being married!!! Livin' on love is the best. :) AH, the memories are just beginning....

Kristen said...

Being married is the best, I'm glad you are enjoying it!!!!

Belle said...

That was a great sum up of transitioning from single to married life and how stressful but completely wonderful life is once you marry your best friend!!!! :D And the froggy pictures rock!