Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Wonderful Husband

Last night I flooded the bathroom.
We were trying to unclog the toilet, and Zach was examining the tank. I thought yanking on the chain would empty the bowl, so I did... right as Zach yelled, "WAIT!" Turns out, yanking on the chain FILLS the bowl. And it was already full. And there was no water shut off thingy. I'll spare you the details, but it was a mess.

As I'm running for towels and Zach is stuck in about 2 inches of toilet water, I'm thinking, "Oh crap. He's gonna kill me." And he was obviously frustrated. But that sweet man I married, you know what he did? As I was profusely apologizing he said, "Sweetheart.... it's okay. I'm not mad." And the more he said it, the more true it was. After about the third time I apologized and he told me he wasn't mad, we were both mopping the floor with towels under our feet, and all the frustration was gone. He let my feelings be more important than venting his anger, and all the steam blew off on its own.

We heard a joke once that the honeymoon's over the first time the wife burns the toast. So after everything was cleaned up and Zach had a chance to shower, I said, "So... I guess the honeymoon's over, huh?" He gave me a hug and said, "No. Never."

A few months ago my missionary brother sent a letter home reminding us that letting go of negative feelings is like relaxing a muscle: you just do it. Zach has been reminding me of that over and over, being my rock and my therapist. =] I'm working harder to try and deserve his patience.


One Happy Family said...

so sweet! I'm glad you're so happy!!!

Belle said...

Stace, that makes me so happy!!! You've got to keep this story. :) Chris and I have our own versions...but they are so important and wonderful to remember and laugh at. :D Love ya -- and love the story. :)