Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Everybody should own a hammock

So, as much as I miss Rexburg, Idaho... I gotta say the weather here in Mesa is pretty hard to beat this time of year.

I have been babysitting for my aunt a lot recently (they're trying to jump all the custody hoops of adoption and have had a lot of meetings with their attorney). They have a really nice back yard by Arizona standards: actual brown dirt with the occasional grass patches(instead of dust and gravel), and two huge trees. Recently they tied up a hammock between the two trees, and the kids and I plopped down inside it to enjoy the sunny afternoon.

Oh man. The two younger ones were cuddled next to me while their two older brothers busied themselves with building a tent out of cinderblocks, old wood, and a green tarp. It took me back. It was like being 10 years old again. Isaac and Lily showed me how they tied a rope to the bar of the swingset for us to hang on to and pull ourselves in the hammock while keeping our feet up. Then Aaron and Andrew finished their tent and nearly tipped us out in excitement because we had to come explore it with them. It made me think-- if their parents had just bought them a nice plastic playhouse, they wouldn't have enjoyed it half as much.

Why can't adults be so satisfied with just "playing," no toys or gadgets or batteries necessary? Here's my advice:

Get yourself a hammock, or build a tent indoors with blankets and chairs; tip your furniture on its side if you have to. Then lie down. Read a book, make shadow puppets, etc. Have some good, clean, gadget-free fun.


Steph-Anie said...

AMEN! My favorite toy EVER was that awesome castle we made out of cardboard boxes. Good times!

One Happy Family said...

so true! Emma and I are totally making a fort today for story time. Seeing as it is blizzardy outside and we'll probably be snowed in until May- I am trying to think of LOTS of these fun, kid ideas to keep us busy. Any ideas? No stroller walks or parks for us for awhile. Enjoy that AZ weather for both of us!!!

Belle said...

'nuf said ~ i second everything you said! :)

Ken2 said...

So how come ya'll get that whole "wisdom" thing so young? Still waitin' on that one, myself. This was good readin' for certain.