Friday, January 16, 2009

Quick pics

Playing dress up!

I mean-- we're always this cool.

Steph and I went to Target and were actually pretty appalled at all the 80s stuff EVERYWHERE... but couldn't resist these pants. lol. We also found some black leather, shimmery black/purple, silver, etc. And they were in almost every size. But we still hold some hope for modern fashion, because they were 75% off. =]


Kristen said...

Stacy! You rock those pants, girl!

One Happy Family said...

Stace, I've just got to ask- WHERE did you girls find those PANTS?!!!
And do they sell them in the maternity section? ah ha ha!

(P.S. your glasses seriously rock!)

Katie said...

Love the animal print pants. It'd be even funnier if it was immitation fur! NO, that'd be nasty.

Belle said...


hahaha. Awesome.

I'm jealous though....I wish that I got to play dress up WITH you!

^_^ love yas