Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Thousand Words

Okay, here's a quick peek at what I've been up to, via lots of pictures. =]

My cousins love to be photographed, so we got out the dress-up box.

The two youngest, Isaac and Lily:

Isaac and me:

Aaron and me:

The oldest, Andrew:

I also got to watch my nephew Kenny the other night, and he did very well! He sure loves his Papa and Aunt Jill.

Last night, my little sisters and I had a party while my parents were on their date. Feast your eyes on THIS!

[If you can't tell, it's Batman, Spiderman, Robin, and Wonder Woman.]

Today we had a hot dog roast, despite the heat, because my grandma had a bunch of old papers she wanted burned. Then we just hung out in the shade playing games and eating gummy bears. Yay for family fun!

Stephanie and her roasting skills:

Mom and Dad hard at work in more sunshine than should naturally be seen in January:

Jilly's s'more face.


One Happy Family said...

I am soooo sad that I missed the sister superhero party! That's just awesome!!! And I'm jealous that you are ALREADY talking about "the heat" in January. no fair!!!!

gTrue said...

Awesome pictures... you really should make it a paying hobby. Kristen and I love the picture with Dad and Kenny!

Kristen said...

Yes, I saw the countdown, very exciting, but also depressing seeing such a BIG number of days you still have left!

One Happy Family said...

yay for baby countdowns!!!!!! :)

gTrue said...

oh I get it... "A thousand words" (:

Belle said...

so fun!

I totally love the pics.

thanks for sharing

I miss all yall and all of that family fun. ^_^