Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kimber Lizzy

Okay, so my sister and her four kids left this morning before I woke up. Luckily, I cornered Kimber yesterday and documented THIS:

Toooo precious. I love the way she tells stories too, so I also have THIS for your enjoyment:

[For those of you who haven't seen Barbie and the Diamond Castle, Slider is a winged serpent. He is a bad guy. You should also know that Kimber loves her sandals.]


One Happy Family said...

way too stinkin' cute!!

Katie S. said...

Good thing that I HAVE seen the Diamond Castle!! That so reminds me of the video of the Bennion kids.
"Next time why you won't sing with me?!" I like that ending of the ABCs better than the original :))

Belle said...

LOVE it...hahaha...thanks for posting.

We sure miss you, but we had such a fun visit!

Stacy Garner said...

My favorite part is when she's telling the story and says, "but Slider was chasing a girl, but now what she do?" haha. Cutie patootie.