Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Update

Sorry about the random cop-out posts, I haven't felt like I had much real news to report. =]

Today I wasn't feeling too great, so I stayed home with Steph. Since I hadn't gotten a chance to read my missionary brother's letters in a few weeks, I decided to flip through his letter-book before breaking out my scriptures. Something came over me, and I read the entire book, finishing up right as everyone came home from Church. I noticed several things I hadn't before, and it felt like genuine scripture study. Now, if you don't know Todd you may not understand that. But his letters are full of insights, scripture references, promises, and testimony. Plus I read the letters my Mom sent to him, which contain her insights, etc. By the time I got through them all I was feeling inadequate and recharged all at once. I sat down and typed up a letter for him, then wrote/copied a bunch of Russian stuff he had asked for(he keeps running into Russians/Ukrainians while tracting). I've got a lot of journal writing to do now, and lots and lots to think about.

So, as to what I've been doing lately...I'm kinda too lazy to list off my little adventures, so here's a collage using the few pictures I could find. =D

In this collage: the Wilhelm's visit, Kenny letting me hold/play with him!!, a trip to the stables at the zoo, and just general kiddie playtime.

Remind me to put up pictures from mini golfing yesterday! Or maybe I'll just bug Mom and Dad, and they'll put them up. haha.
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Kristen said...

Cute pictures Stacy..Kenny does love you! Gordon and I both think that on the third picture of our zoo trip blog, you look like one of those celebrity moms carrying around their little kid! It is so cute! I'm glad you got to read Todd's letters, I have to do that too!

One Happy Family said...

It's true- Todd's amazing.

And those pics are so cute- it makes me miss you guys so much!!! I can't WAIT for you to come up!!!