Friday, April 3, 2009

I am a genius.

No, seriously. I am.

haha, today I was babysitting my cousins Isaac and Lily. They are... rather active, and aren't supposed to watch too much TV. I found a great idea online for this bean-bag toss box. Check it out.


It kept them entertained forever! Plus, I had them help me make some bean bags (one held the funnel and one poured the little cup of rice) to play with as well. They love it. Lily thinks it makes a good mask. =]

This next picture is of two projects I'm rather proud of. Firstly, I made a bag for all of my toiletries (hair, make-up, toothbrush, etc.) out of a pair of jeans that were too small for me. I used some cheap ribbon to make loops on the inside for my toothbrush, hair brush, etc. I left the pockets on the outside for the few make-up things I use all the time. It was a quick, hurried sewing job, but I like it just fine. Then I looped a ribbon through the belt loops to hide the random stitches I had to make around the top. lol. You'll notice I cut out the zipper area, because I thought it was a little awkward. Plus, the ideal size jeans to use would be children's. (Nobody wants to see just how big their waist actually is anyway.)

I also made a homemade block for my niece Anna. It has ribbon loops in the seams for her to grab onto once she's old enough, and a little felt bear that tucks into a pocket on one of the sides. There's a big jingle bell inside the stuffing, so it acts like a gentle rattle too. I'm hoping to be able to make a few more before I leave her. I made a set for my nephew, and he seemed to like it.

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Happy Spring!


One Happy Family said...

Stacy- you ARE a genius. I am SOOOO stealing that bean bag toss box idea. Emma would love it. Your bag is UBER adorable (but I don't believe that any pair of jeans would be too small for you.) And Anna's homemade baby block looks like you bought it. No joke. You're such a good aunt, and you are going to be one amazing mom!!!!! I envy your future kiddos.

Belle said...

Wow Stace - You seriously Baby Rock! That's amazing! I love both of the ideas!!!! It's true...though Mom would tell us not to say it...You're a GENIOUS!

Ken2 said...

Like totally radicalous! Later Kenny had a blast with the bean bag face box monster.