Friday, April 17, 2009


Life for me has calmed down quite a bit since Wednesday. Anne's wedding went fairly well. Considering how much threatened to go wrong. lol. The centerpieces turned out okayyy. The tables were bigger than I had planned on, so they ended up looking a little small. But it was good. See:

It was crazy busy at Mema's house (anne's mom) and everybody was running everywhere getting everything done. We're all very grateful it's successfully done with. =]

On the side, I got to:
1. Learn how to make fondant. yay!
2. Hike up to a NIFTY waterfall. (and a not-so-nifty cave, where I had a not-so-nifty panic attack. Ack. I pretty much just sobbed in terror on Sharon's shoulder because I thought I was going to fall. How embarrassing...)
3. Babysit adorable kids and play pony rides.
4. Watch lots of Hulu with Sam(antha)
5. Dance with a self-proclaimed Prince Eric (Anne's 4-yr-old niece, because she was wearing pants and I was wearing a dress.)
6. Go to church and be introduced as Mema's roommate. lol
7. Play spoons AND signs
8. Watch Raising Helen & Bedtime Stories

Aaaaand now Sam, and I are just trying to find things enough to do before we head over to the shuttle tomorrow. Luckily we have Maps(Anne's twin) to hang out with.

And now... pictures of our 2nd trip to the waterfall! yay!

Walking on a log


This is MY rock. lol


One Happy Family said...

Looks like a lot of fun. But come back!

P.S. Can you teach ME to make fondant? PLLLLEEEEEAAASSEEE?

Amber said...

oh making fondant was fun fun fun! I really liked your centerpieces -- even if we couldn't light them... lame. :)

oh and the visual of you playing 'poney' -- perfect.

did I tell you Hannana decided that I was the prince... b/c she had the pretty dress on. That little girl makes me smile.

Really they introduced you as mema's roommate? oh that is priceless!!!

Stacy Garner said...
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