Friday, May 29, 2009

Baby Clothes!

I love my sewing class so much! Sometimes I wake up from a daydream and realize I was imagining myself sewing something on a serger, matching up seams, threading the serger (it's so cool! Air pressure threading!), etc. So crazy. My projects get "stuck in my head,' so to speak.

Anyway, now that you all officially know I am bizarre, enjoy these pictures of my adorable creations!!!!!

Every project so far! A sleeper, newborn hats and bootees, and toddler bibs. (Actually, the bibs are big enough to be smocks. lol)

Close up of the sleeper. I'm in the process of doing a pink one out of stretch terry. It's all cut out, I just have to get matching thread.

My very first projects, baby boy hat and matching bootees. You can't see it very well, but they're sitting on top of the boy's bib.

Extra credit bootees and hat, right next to the girl's bib.

Coming soon: Matching onesie and pants! (the pants are being graded, and I'm putting ribbing into the legs of the onesie.)


One Happy Family said...

The sleeper turned out SOOO cute, and I really want to learn how to make those bibs. You're awesome, and your future kiddos are UBER lucky to get such a fabulously talented mommy. It's true.

Ken2 said...

да, это верно! Ты просто класс, и всё.

Kristen said...

Stacy, that is so amazing! You are so talented...Anna is in 3-6 months now, so if you want to whip anything up...just joking! We love you!

Belle said...

YAY! You're amazing! I wish I was that adventurous. :) It's so fun to see the projects you've already done!!! YOU BABY ROCK!