Friday, May 1, 2009

cookies and a good book

So, my awesome roommate is letting me borrow two novels that are set in Russia. I think I'm hooked on the first one! And I was seriously craving some chocolate chip cookies, so I made some. Delicious. All you need in life, folks! All you stinkin' need.

And: it's the weekend, I walked to and from the temple today, I got two extra credit sewing projects done with Becca, I don't have much homework, and we're having a fun dinner party on Sunday!

Hooray for summer!


One Happy Family said...

Yay! Cookies and a good book sounds good. And it's supposed to rain today, so maybe I'll have to make some too and cuddle up with a good book. :) Yay for nap time!

Ken2 said...

Life can really be so simple!

PS. What is the book? Would I like it?

Stacy Garner said...

You probably would, Dad! It's called the Romanov Prophecy. It's set after the fall of communism, and the Russians have voted to bring back the tsar. So this American lawyer working in Russia is hired to investigate some of the potential candidates and finds some kind of secret... it's kind of like a Russian Da Vinci Code, from the way the critics describe it!

Belle said...

yay for cookies and good books! (I hope your Sunday dinner went well and that you've had a nice weekend). Love ya and miss ya...YOU BABY ROCK!