Thursday, May 21, 2009


I've noticed that sometimes when I help give someone else a little therapy session, I end up feeling the benefits too.

I've had the opportunity lately to befriend someone who... is hard to describe. Suffice it to say that I would have seemed justified in disliking this person, and that at first it was rather difficult not to. Well, with a few good prods from the Spirit I realized that I needed to be as nice and as gentle as I could to this person. I started realizing that their behavior should have nothing to do with mine. I still had an obligation to be the best I could be. Now, I am SO VERY grateful for those promptings. A window opened up and I got a glimpse at this person's heart. They really need someone to be gentle to them. It's a very humbling and awe-inspiring experience to be in this kind of position. Heavenly Father loves all his children so much.

Well, I was looking through some old stuff I wrote and realized something: I said that for my birthday this year I wanted to finish a short story! So, since I've been busy and have been putting my ideas on the "Later" shelf, I decided I want a little help in choosing. I have posted a survey just to the right of this post with a few of my story ideas. So please, vote!!! Or write-in with a comment. I just need a little bit of a kick in the pants to get me going. Thankfully, I have a deadline. Three weeks! Yowsers!


One Happy Family said...

You're such a good example to me. Seriously...

Belle said...

I LOVE YOU!!!! (and miss you terribly)