Saturday, May 16, 2009

Babysat Emma today!

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera. BUT. I remembered that I took a few pics of the last time I got to have a play date with Emma. Here they are!

Bakin' a cake!

She LOVED being allowed to stir by herself and didn't like that I kept insisting it was "Stacy's turn" every once in a while. She would get excited and stir as fast as she could, so the flour/cocoa, etc., would splash out. She would gasp, and then crack up laughing. How does she make EVERY part of life so funny? We had such a blast. And the mess wasn't too bad. =]

(Notice that the teddy bear in the background is wearing a baby hat and booties. She wanted to dress up the bear. lol.)

The plan was to use the castle mold Isabelle bequeathed me, hence the little flags for the towers. But after she helped me color them and we got them all taped up, I realized the cake was STUCK in the pan. Apparently, you can spray-grease a pan too much. Ooops, lol.

I saved the flags though, and good thing too! Today Emma and I made a "sand"castle out of oatmeal playdough, and the flags made it twice as fun. She kept pulling them out just so she could squish them in again. For anyone interested, oatmeal playdough is just 1 part water, 1 part flour, and 2 parts oatmeal. Easy peasy!

Happy Saturday! I'm going to go enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather!


One Happy Family said...

Stacy- you ROCK! You seriously saved my life this morning. And you are like the world's greatest babysitter- I can't believe you made candy bar cookies, left me the uber yummy recipe and dough, made a sand castle with playdough, read her books, put her down for a nap, AND took her on a walk. WOW! Just- wow!

Stacy Garner said...

Well, I don't have to do it everyday like you guys do. Now THAT is impressive.

Ken2 said...

Life has taught me that easy peasy for some is AARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGG!! for the rest of us. Just sayin.